Here at Green Man Software, we do all of our web hosting at Dreamhost. One of the things that was sorely missing along the lines of Apps, was a way to manage your Dreamhost account. Along comes the Dreamhost API, and immediately we saw a chance to fill a void in the App Store. Then to sweeten the pot a little bit, Josh Jones, Co-Founder of our beloved Dreamhost, decided to hold an API Contest to help to push along the development of applications using the Dreamhost API.

The focus of DreamAdmin was to make an App that we wanted to use, one that is very fast and has the look and feel of an iPhone app, and if others also want to use it, all the better! This App wasn't created just to win a contest, but rather to allow Dreamhosters another way to manage their dreamhost account. Version 1.0 of DreamAdmin was submitted to the App Store on May 26, 2009.

Currently supported API Features include:
  • Viewing all Announcement Lists
  • Viewing, Adding, and Deleting Announcement List Subscribers
  • Managed and Registered Domain Information
  • Viewing, Adding, and Deleting DNS Information
  • Viewing, Adding, and Deleting Private Servers
  • Managing Private Servers
  • User Information

Current App Features include:
  • Deleting of DNS Records and Announcement List Subscribers using "Swipe to Delete"
  • Auto API Function detecting (Only the functions available with the API Key will be shown)

Future Versions will include:
  • Rearranging of Tabs
  • Any new API Features Dreamhost releases

The first time you start DreamAdmin, you will be asked for your Username and API Key. If you do not currently have an API Key, you can create one here.

DreamAdmin Settings Page

After entering the API Key, the tabs will automatically populate with the available options. The available options include:

  • Domains
  • Private Servers
  • Announcement Lists
  • Users
  • DNS is only available through Domains, but that will change in Version 1.1

In the Domains list, you have the option of viewing Managed or Registered domains, but both will only show if you have both enabled on your API Key. Clicking on a Managed Domain will give you access to the domain settings, including:
  • Viewing the Settings
  • Viewing DNS Information
  • Opening the Website in Mobile Safari
  • Opening up a search to Dreamhost Status for your machine

DreamAdmin Domain List

DreamAdmin Managed Domain Info

If you click on the DNS Records List, you will come to a list of all the DNS Record for the domain you selected! If your API Key gives you the ability to delete or add records, you can press the + button to add a record, and you can swipe a record and press the Delete button to delete a record. However, if your API Key doesn't allow these features, you won't be able to perform them, or see the buttons.

DreamAdmin List DNS Records

If you click on a registered domain, it will take you to a page displaying more information on your registration information.

The Private Server tab will display a list of all of the private servers that you currently have. If you have the ability to list pending or add new servers, you will see those options in the navigation bar also! After clicking on the private server, you will be taken to a page with more options for your private server. Currently, all of the historical pages are only lists, but in version 1.1 you will have the ability to view the information in a chart!

DreamAdmin Private Server

DreamAdmin Private Servers

DreamAdmin Private Server Info

In the Lists tab, you have the ability to view all of your Announcement Lists. If you click on a list, it will take you to all of the subscribers to the list. Again, on the subscribers page, you have the ability to swipe and delete and add subscribers. Coming in Version 1.1, you will have the ability to send messages to your subscribers!

DreamAdmin Announcement Lists

DreamAdmin Subscribers List

If you have sent an announcement to the list, currently there will be quotes around the list, causing the alphabetical sorting to be rendered useless. This bug will be fixed in Version 1.1.

The Users tab displays a list of all of your users. If you have the ability to display the users with a password, DreamAdmin will display those results. If you only have the ability to display users without passwords, DreamAdmin will choose to display only those. To help obscure the password from prying eyes, the password field is always set to secret by default. If you wish to see the password, simply click on the password field to reveal it!

DreamAdmin User Settings

Version 1.1 or version 1.2 will have the ability to use multiple API Keys! We currently don't have a Private Server, and we were getting tired of switching between the test account and my personal account, so we will be adding that feature soon!

Please request new features or report bugs using one of the following methods:

Please leave as much feedback as possible, and we will make the best app possible!